This Event Will Give You:

Tools to start improving your everyday life

Applicable resources to discover who you are and what your gift to the world is.

Massive change to the results you are getting in your life.

It will challenge your current level of thinking so that you can have more, be more, and do more.

Access to professionals that you can ask your burning questions to and start making significant change.

Inspire you to take the necessary actions in your life to stop the endless cycle of going through the motions

Tools to actually do that.

This Weekend Will Help You Get The Fulfilled, Passionate, Purpose Driven LifeYou've Been Looking For. While Tearing Down The Barriers That Are Constantly Holding You Back From The Life You Want!

Online Therapy Courses and Programs

Courses and training programs available online

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We recognize that it not easy to ask for help and we understand that even when household income is above most subsidized thresholds, private therapy is not always affordable. 

We are committed to providing a safe place to heal from trauma, anxiety, depression, stress, and overwhelm where fees are not a barrier to receiving the help you need.

Our philosophy is centered on the principle of taking action. With this we empower people to take ownership and responsibility for the direction of their lives and to start taking massive action that will move them into a life they only dreamed about.

We equip people with the tools to embrace good old-fashioned "Just Do It" with live workshops, groups, one on one meetings, calls and conferences. We identify and develop people's strength zone, while giving them the courage to live them.

These lovely ladies are here to serve you and provide you with low cost ($50-$75) and sliding scale ($75-$100) affordable therapy. If you have EAP/EFAP benefits available to you, request Michelle Neustaedter Counselling when you open your file and we will get you in to see one of these ladies within 48 hours.

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Michelle is our founder.

She is a counselling therapist whose goal is to help others succeed.

Michelle has been working in mental health since 2009. She holds a Bachelor's degree is Psychology from Mount Royal College and Athabasca University and a Master's degree in Psychology from the University of Phoenix. Michelle is currently working towards her Doctorate in Counselling and Psychotherapy. 

Michelle is certified as a counsellor (CCPA), counselling therapist (ACTA), coach (JMT), and trainer (JMT).

Having been through her own series of challenges, both personal and professional, she is able to better understand some of the difficulties individuals and couples can face. She brings the fruit of her training, extensive study and reflection, and life experience to her work.

Michelle's main areas of focus include Couple's Therapy and Trauma.

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Trish Collyer is a wellness transformation and success coach with a passion for empowering people to design a life they love – it is possible and YOU deserve it. That’s why she has taken the best theories, practices, tips & tricks and blended them into transformational programs with real results to turn goals into reality.

After realizing she was a passenger in her own life, living the same day over and over, Trish decided to take a stand and live the life she wanted - not one designed by the opinions of others. Determined to master each area she herself struggled with, she’s built a strong foundation of skills to understand the root cause of what gets in the way and the keys to support true, lasting change. Committed to a well rounded perspective, her certifications include holistic health & nutrition coaching, life & relationship coaching, leadership, communication, behavior change and hypnotherapy.

Trish strongly believes everything is connected - family, work, health - and the key is to find the way those pieces fit together, unique to YOU, so you can stop putting yourself last and instead, dare to live life on your terms, regain control of your life, and turn dreams into reality.

While it took her years of struggling on her own to get to where she is today, she is eager to empower you to take action and become a leader in your own life - and she is there with you, every step of the way.

Life is a gift - make it count!

Create a Long-lasting, Passionate Relationship

“I am passionate about people and helping them reach their desired results. I help them discover the simple, yet powerful truth that peace and satisfaction in life can be learned"

Having a happy relationship doesn’t need to be a struggle. Visit or click here for more information

Meet Our Team

Equip  |  Inspire  |  Empower

This Event Is For:

People who are tired of doing the mundane, day-to-day.

People who desire to have more passion in their lives. Who want to live with purpose.

People who know that they were made for more. Who want to have an impact in the world. 

People who are tired or just going through the motions.

People who want more out of life.

People who want to go higher, faster.

Healing | Reflection | Strength

Providing Safe, Effective, Affordable Mental Health Support

Trish Collyer - Hypnotherapy

- Are you worn out from having the same fights with your partner?
- Do you feel easily triggered by your partner because of resentment that has built up?
- Is the romance missing?
- Are you having difficulty communicating and feel that your partner doesn’t understand you?

Here’s the thing: Fairy-Tales Do Not Exist! But any 2 people can make a relationship work if they are willing to do the work that it takes to make it work.

​Deep down you know you have to do something. You can’t keep going on like this. I believe you are facing some real challenges. We hear many couples say that they feel their issues are particularly unique or challenging. We've heard it all...

Introducing Fearlessly Anchored Marriages

Do you want:
- To feel more satisfied in your relationship and deeply committed to strengthening and improving your relationship
- To start out your relationship on a solid foundation
- To make lasting changes with ongoing access to professionals for 1 low fee

If it sounds too good to be true, I promise you it’s not. It’s just a matter of learning skills, mindsets, and ways to communicate and connect with your partner. You will discover how to effectively manage and navigate the most common issues that arise in relationships. This program is unlike any other! We have worked with hundreds of couples just like you. You get direct access to 2 licensed professionals, with nearly two decades of experience working with couples in the most difficult situations, working with you each and every week - as well as in the Facebook group.​​

Low Cost and Sliding Scale Counselling