Finding Fearless is a 2.5 day weekend intensive.

Taking place on January 2022

you will be inspired, equipped, and empowered with the opportunity for rest and relaxation.

There will be a welcome reception on Friday night.

Each morning, be revitalized and renewed with the morning meditation with Michelle and Trish

Then be equipped and inspired during the morning session.

During the break for lunch - choose to join a private zoom room with the others and discuss more or go out for lunch on your own to process

The afternoon sessions will invigorate you and give you applicable tools to start changing your life.

You could have your weekend cost completely covered by your health benefits. Register Now and We Will Tell You How!

Finding Fearless Is Designed To Help

You Take Steps Toward Living Your

Fulfilled Life.

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Certified Coach, Trainer and speaker with the John Maxwell Group. She has been trained to teach the Goddess Project and Self-Esteem Mastery. Trish has spent many of her years in the non-profit sponsorship lane and is now teaching others how to grow themselves and is a living example of someone doing it scared.

​Trish Collyer brings you self-care, vulnerability, and an understanding of your strengths

This Weekend Will Help You Get The Fulfilled, Passionate, Purpose Driven LifeYou've Been Looking For. While Tearing Down The Barriers That Are Constantly Holding You Back From The Life You Want!

Weekend Schedule


is a therapist and cowgirl, among other proud titles she holds such as mother, partner, rancher and speaker. Amy shares her message of the value of personal growth and EQUALLY the importance of community in both healing and leadership arenas.

Amy holds a Master of Social Work degree, maintains certification in the Equine Gestalt Coaching Method and has trained in numerous modalities, Amy is the human behind Heard Wellness Through Horses, an equine co-facilitated therapy company that provides three day long private intensive therapy opportunities.


As a Certified Clinical Counsellor, Mental and Emotional Fitness Coach, and also trained and mentored by John Maxwell and mentors of his world-class faculty, I am equipped with the tools, resources and experience to help you improve and see significant results in any area of life.
I love people and I love seeing them succeed.

I walk people from challenge to change and functional to optimal, in an engaging and fun way so everyone has the opportunity to grow, reach their potential, and develop the motivation to take action. 

I am no stranger to the twists and turns that life can take us on. I have been able to use much of my life experience to support my clients.I bring the fruit of my training, extensive study and reflection, and life experience to my work with clients.

Attending is very empowering! One of the things I really enjoy is when Michelle will ask us very in depth questions about ourselves, we each have the opportunity to share our thoughts and listen to others. I can feel myself gaining more confidence to the point where I will be attending my first Toastmasters meeting!

Michelle has motivated me to follow my dreams and is teaching me the tools to do it. She believes in me more than anybody ever has and is teaching me how to believe in myself.

​-Leslie C.

Finding Fearless 2020

Still not sure if you want to come?

Hear what everyone who came in 2020 had to say

Finding Fearless

This Event Is For:

  • People who are tired of doing the mundane, day-to-day.
  • People who desire to have more passion in their lives. Who want to live with purpose.
  • People who know that they were made for more. Who want to have an impact in the world. 
  • People who are tired or just going through the motions.
  • People who want more out of life.
  • People who want to go higher, faster.

​This Event Will Give You:

  • Tools to start improving your everyday life
  • Applicable resources to discover who you are and what your gift to the world is.
  • Massive change to the results you are getting in your life.
  • It will challenge your current level of thinking so that you can have more, be more, and do more.
  • Access to professionals that you can ask your burning questions to and start making significant change.
  • Inspire you to take the necessary actions in your life to stop the endless cycle of going through the motions
  • Renewed passion to pursue your dream
  • Tools to actually do that.

What You Will Have After This Event:

  • An action plan to go after your dream
  • Tools to improve your current results and current functioning
  • Mentors who will guide you through the process of change
  • Inspiration to take massive imperfect action.
  • The knowledge and skills of how to get started.

​This is not for you if:

  • You are comfortable with status quo
  • You are completely satisfied with life and the trajectory you are on
  • You are not into personal development, personal growth, and life mastery
  • You are well-established as a business and in life and do not see room for growth.


I finally got the opportunity to participate a few weeks ago. Now that I’ve been to one I wish I hadn’t missed a single one. It wasn’t just fun to be with other people who also had the desire to grow themselves and their business, but to get the insight and confidence to do and be more was priceless. Everyone needs to go. Big CEO? Go! Stay at home mom? Go! Unemployed? Go! I can’t express it enough, unless you go, you won’t know.

~ Syndey Z

You could have your weekend cost COMPLETELY COVERED by your health benefits. Register Now and We Will Tell You How!

​**note: If you feel this is beyond your financial reach, please contact us by email at:

What is action if we don't understand how the whole is impacted the intricate?

Amy Monea will guide you through an experience where you explore how you

"show up" and strategies to bridge the gap with how you want to "show up".

We know how important it is that you know your values, what stands in your way, and how to get over those obstacles. Through "acceptance and commitment" strategies and mindfulness based cognitive tools, Andrea Roche will open your eyes to an unconditional love and compassion of self that you never thought possible.

      Discover Your Purpose, Passion, & Potential


Weekend Growth Intensive


As a Registered Social Worker and Mental Health Professional, Andrea has worked with many different people and has helped them to overcome incredible struggles and creates life mastery through the ability to sit with difficult emotions, challenge negative thinking, and improve self-compassion and self-awareness. 

Andrea holds a Bachelor of Arts Degree in Psychology, a Bachelor of Social Work Degree, and a Masters in Clinical Social Work. Her primary focus is in Cognitive-Behavioral Therapy and Mindfulness practices. 

Tickets: Regular $197
With this ticket you will receive

  • access to the Morning Meditation,
  • all the workshops
  • digital workbook, and
  • access to the online community.
  • 30 day access to replay of the workshops

There are limited spots available,

and we want to see you at the 

Finding Fearless

Weekend Intensive!

(schedule is subject to change)

Friday evening:

Kick off at 6:30pm (introductions, why we are doing this, what does it mean to build your survival kit, virtual toast)


8-845am - morning meditation

9am - Consents, group norms, additional intro's

9:30 - session 1: Andrea on CBT and group exploration 

10:30 - Break

10:45 - Amy: horse wisdom/lessons from the barn

11:45am/12 ish - Lunch

1pm - Session 2: Andrea on mindfulness, emotional distress prevention, and exploration 

2-2:15: BREAK

2:15pm - session 3: Amy and Values

4:15pm -BREAK

4:30pm - close up for the day

5:30pm done for the night


8-8:45am - morning meditation

9am - learning from last night

9:45am - Michelle and Trish talk about science of goals setting and prep for action planning

11am BREAK

11:15am - Michelle: action planning and building confidence, creating your experience.

12:15pm LUNCH

1:15pm - Developing a plan for 2021 and filling the survival kit

3pm - BREAK

3:15pm - closing meditation and exploration from the weekend.